Path Ventures: Revo Pisco

Path Ventures are projects we commit and invest in…just because. We see it as a way to keep our creative fires burning. Exercise to sharpen our skills and thinking. Sometimes, we’re asked to ‘see what we can come up with.’ Other times, we get these ideas into our heads and feel compelled to bring them to life. It’s creativity for creativity’s sake, and it’s our way of taking a different path.

The Spirit of Peruvian Revolution

Peru’s rich history and its bold spirit of defiance, inspired us to create Revo Pisco – the irrepressible companion to any night out, with a distinctly fiery disposition.

The integrated 2D/3D design embodies the brutal, yet brave tale of the Peruvian War of Independence. Contrasting red and black, the colours of rebellion, the design conjures up images of blood and sacrifice. A red sash curves around the bottle, with illustrations narrating the events that led to the Peruvians uprising against the Spanish as well as origin of the pisco vineyards.

The bottle shape has a unique fluid equity that sets it apart from other spirit genres, resisting the clichés of neighbouring categories. Glass etching intricately depicts the shattered sword, a symbol of the bloodshed, and a coat of arms representing the struggle.  A piece of this broken weapon is placed inside the bottle bringing the revolution to the forefront of the imagination.  The box is embossed with elaborate illustrations conveying the revolution with a level of detail reflecting the premium, quality.  

Revo Pisco taps into four prevailing trends: The age of craft, in which brands bring to life rich stories through stunning design; the maturing of Millennials, a generation that values brands with meaning and new discoveries; shifts in luxury, that move away from ostentatiousness and privilege to authenticity and experience; and finally, the growth of emerging markets, that are introducing local products to the world market.

Pisco is one of Peru’s best kept secret. A grape derived spirit that’s perfect neat or as part of a cocktail. With the rise of interest in South America, put into focus by the Brazilian 2014 World Cup and 2016 Rio Olympics, these rich cultures are being exported to Western economies in the form of food, restaurants and drink. That’s why we thought it Revo Pisco, with its rich story, incredible taste and stunning design, would be the perfect new alcohol brand to introduce into the UK market.

Perhaps one day, the revolution will begin…


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