Path Ventures: Would you try Panda Meat?

Ever wondered what Wild Orangutan tastes like? Grilled Lima? BBQ Penguin Wings? It might seem controversial, but what if you could be the adventurous foodie you’ve always secretly longed to be, without the moral and environmental concerns?

Introducing Lab Grown Meat

Lab grown meat has been in development for many years now, and recently, it’s become a hot topic. Cell-based meat products are predicted to hit our shelves by as early as the end of this year, although with costs currently looking to be around $50 a burger, we’re likely many years away from it becoming ready and available to the average consumer.

There’s been a mixed response to the concept of cell-based food, so The Grocer challenged us to dream up opportunities for possible cell-based meat products – and we couldn’t help but allow our imaginations to run wild. Though the lab-meat industry is focused on traditional farm-grown produce such as Beef, Chicken and Pork, we realised there’s nothing to say that in the future they couldn’t use cells from other animals to create more varied and adventurous food options.

That’s when we came up with a somewhat controversial idea – Panda Meat. With textural ‘fur’ packaging and chic luxury branding, our team had fun trying to imagine how exotic and rare meats might be designed to appeal to consumers eager to try something truly unique. With added premium cues such as elegant typography and a pastel colour palette, we created an elevated offering, tempting and tantalising to the courageous consumer looking for a rare experience.

Panda Meat is something we’re unlikely to see on shelves during our lifetimes, but it’s an interesting subject to explore. With the fast-moving progression of alternative meat options and cell-based food, it’s impossible to predict what could be around the corner.

Path Ventures are projects we commit and invest in…just because. We see it as a way to keep our creative fires burning. Exercise to sharpen our skills and thinking. Sometimes, we’re asked to ‘see what we can come up with.’ Other times, we get these ideas into our heads and feel compelled to bring them to life. It’s creativity for creativity’s sake, and it’s our way of taking a different path.


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