Mindful Drinking.

With the rise in the wellness movement, Path’s creative partners The Original Free Drinks Company spotted a gap in the market. As consumers become increasingly aware of the risks of excessive alcohol consumption, they’re seeking out alcohol free, healthy, tasty and sophisticated alternatives. This movement towards mindful drinking has created an opportunity to design new and exceptional beverage experiences.

Highball is a new brand that offers a range of premium alcohol-free cocktails, made with authentic and natural ingredients. The design reflects the quality of the brand and mirrors alcohol category cues whilst offering something fresh and unique. The brand takes its name from the iconic highball glass, which has been associated with perfectly served quality cocktails for generations. The logo and imagery take an abstract approach, using geometric shapes, fluid textures and line-work to represent a cocktail in a highball glass. Finished in metallic gold, the identity exudes a premium look, classic sophistication and modern edge.


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