Coffee with a conscience.

The popularity of coffee capsules cannot be denied. The single use segment has been experiencing double digit growth YOY, almost reaching a 25% share of the global coffee market. At the same time, consumer concern over plastic pollution has also increased, becoming a key driver of choice at shelf – particularly in the single-use coffee capsule category.

To capitalise on the huge potential of this growing market, as well as address consumer concern over plastic pollution, Lavazza developed a new industrially compostable capsule for their proprietary A Modo Mio system as well as their Compatible range. With air-tight technology protecting the aroma, the new innovation brings the Italian café experience home whilst also providing an eco-friendlier disposal. Simply pop the capsule into your food waste disposal when used, and it will industrially composted with the food if the local authority provides this service.

The design of the new packaging reflects Lavazza’s exceptional standard and expertise in Italian coffee. Communication of the new industrial compostable technology is clear on front of pack with strong typography and a simple leaf motif incorporated as part of the iconic Lavazza cup. A vibrant colour palette not only delivers powerful shelf standout, but is also used to distinguish the ranges. The A Modo Mio range prominently features the bold colour balanced with black, whilst the Compatible range reverses this, creating impact in all formats with sleek black colour blocking and a pop of colour for each variant.

Whilst the new compostable technology is important to modern consumers, they still want an uncompromised, quality coffee experience. The design reconciles these drivers, creating allure with contemporary elegance with the added benefit of a clear conscience.


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