Naked Noodle

Naked Noodle

Cultivating Convenience Food.

Convenience food pioneers Symingtons were on a journey to elevate their portfolio with a new brand of instant noodles. We showed them how to avoid the macho, cheap conventions of this crowded category and provided them with an innovative packaging solution that reflected premium authenticity.

Building out from the Chinese take-away carton shape, we focused on Asian food cues by paring down the colour palette. The use of contemporary graphics and unusual copy orientation gives the product strong stand-out appeal. Naked Noodle returned its design investment in under 3 months and exceeded sales expectations by 300% within week two of its release. The phenomenal success earned the brand a Gold DBA bullet for Design Effectiveness.


Brand Strategy . Brand Creation . Packaging Design . Structural Packaging Design . Copywriting . Pathwork Production

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