Oppo Ice Cream

Good Temptation.

Inspired by native foods of South America, entrepreneurial brothers Charlie and Harry Thuillier went on a journey to create an ice cream that reconciled indulgent desire with healthy choice. As creative partners since 2016, we have supported Oppo in reaching market momentum by leading two successful redesigns.

In 2017, we helped Oppo find the ‘sweet spot’ by creating a premium identity that brought together the best of both worlds – delicious indulgence and healthy choices. The rebrand brought the ice cream challenger a significant increase in sales, listings in upmarket grocers including Waitrose, and a prestigious Pentaward.

Looking to strengthen its appeal with mainstream consumers, the Oppo Brothers asked us to develop a design strategy that would make the brand more approachable, dialling up its health credentials whilst also shifting its position from a luxurious indulgence to one of an everyday temptation.

Oppo’s new design takes an abstract approach to communicate their tantalising taste and natural goodness. Using untreated textures and handcrafted qualities, the design celebrates imperfection. It also emphasises Good Temptation, the kind that reconciles the desire to indulge with the choice of a healthy option. Typography in swirls and drizzles, dollops and drips of colour, and texture in dashes and splashes all work together to convey Oppo’s natural deliciousness.

The design has also been rolled out across Oppo’s new line of ready-to-eat desserts, which is currently being offered in three delicious cheesecake flavours including Madagascan Vanilla, Sicilian Lemon and Raspberry.


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