Bubbling Up.

Pedras is a naturally carbonated mineral water sourced from the springs of Pedras Salgadas in Portugal. Bottled since 1893, the brand leads the category and is well known for its quality and taste. It got thrown off its path of success, however, when international imports began flooding the market. Pedras reached out to us to refresh its image for more modern sensibilities.

We worked with Pedras to create an original bottle that expressed the brand’s iconic status. Reshaped for a more contemporary look and easier grip, the bottle features elegant curves and two debossed ‘bubbles’ inspired by the effervescent experience of drinking Pedras. Elevating branding to the neck of the bottle not only supports visibility of the brand, but also creates a clean and sophisticated aesthetic.

With a non-registered bottle, the bubbles appear in random positions relative to the label. This affect is amplified when multiple bottles are on shelf, creating an effect which echoes the natural sparkle of the water.

The initial redesign of the non-returnable bottles increased sales by 5%, helping Pedras regain their position as market leader. Emboldened by this success, the brand decided to extend the redesign to the returnable bottles as well. The refreshed design also received several prestigious international design awards, including a Pentaward in 2010.


Packaging Design

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