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Heritage brand RAGU had lost its way and found itself facing fierce market competition. There was a need to return to its roots whilst also appealing to modern consumers on the lookout for authenticity and quality. We provided RAGU with clear direction, helping it re-establish its presence in the UK’s popular sauce category with passion and pride.

The existing pack design hid the great quality product and failed to fully communicate RAGU’s rich 75-year legacy of offering fresh and delicious homemade Italian sauces. Our creative solution embraced this sense of tradition, incorporating a black and white photograph of RAGU’s first factory and a structure reminiscent of the mason jars used in the early 20th century. Communication on the label is simple and uncluttered, creating an overall look and feel that is more contemporary. Ensuring RAGU’s path to market was smooth, our production partners at Pathwork performed extensive colour work to meet the supplier’s production deadlines.

The initial rebrand resulted in the reversal of a 25% YOY decline into 43% YOY growth, and increased listings with major retailers. This fantastic market performance won RAGU a prestigious DBA Design Effectiveness award, encouraging further investment in design to solidify its market position and drive growth.


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