That’s Interesting 01.02.19

From Bar-None’s alcohol-free spirits to Chrom’s tooth-polish, here are some things that made us say “That’s interesting” in the studio this week.

Mental Connections

A new group of female founders in the tech-world are aiming to destigmatize female sexuality. Through a variety of immersive audio content, Dipsea is catering to the needs of women looking for mental, sexual stimulation.

Give an ear here 

Interested in learning more about the ‘Future of Sex’? Stay tuned for our latest Map


As the health movement continues to grow people are choosing to reduce their alcohol intake. The Coca-Cola Company has just launched Bar-None, a response to this increasing demand for adult soft drinks on a night out. The new alcohol-free spirit range is designed to be full of flavour whilst including none of the negatives.

Take a sip here

 Chromatic Smiles

Innovative start-up Chrom is helping us to reimagine the “pearly whites”. A choice of fourteen-colours of tooth-polish range can be applied on your teeth, without the risk of smudging when you eat or drink. The product can be applied to all or selective few teeth depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

Smile wild here

Kern me tight.

In a bid to modernise the brand look and feel while increasing the legibility on various devices, 2018 has seen a rebranding surge for many luxury fashion houses. Enter… Zara! The challenger high-street brand has recently adopted an entirely different approach, placing extra love and care to its kerning.

Have a look here


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