That’s Interesting 01.10.20

From cannabis subscriptions to rainbow inspired banks, here are some things that made us say “That’s interesting!” in the studio this week. And as an extra-special-super-fresh bonus post, we just had to add those flying paramedics!


Amazon has set an ambitious and necessary target: to become zero carbon by 2040, a decade earlier than their initial plan. A few days ago, they announced their “Climate Pledge Friendly” initiative, where they will offer a selection of 25.000 products from different categories that are certified to be better for planet and people. These products will be highlighted on the platform, to stand out from unsustainable products. The goal is simple: to help customers discover more sustainable alternatives and to help preserve the environment.

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Canna Club.

Over the last few years, Cannabis has become one of the ingredients elevated beyond stigma by science, policy and brands. From CBD beauty to cannabis furniture, the way that consumers perceive it has changed… And legalisation also helps! Born of this shift, Nugg Club is a cannabis subscription service. Following the regulations and laws of each country, it works like every other subscription service, offering a collection of different cannabis-based products and brands in a box which takes members on an educational and discovery experience. All rounded off by a beautiful design that communicates curation, discovery and positivity.

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Hi.Hello.Hay! Bank.

One of the many ways that the new generation of online banks distinguishes itself from more traditionalplayers is to create disruptive, positive and more lifestyle-driven visual identities. Hay is a new Australian digital bank offering similar services to the likes of Monzo and Revolut, but they amp up the disruption even further with their rainbow-inspired graphics and communications, designed by the Sydney-based creative studio Christopher Doyle & Co. Bold colours, energy and enthusiasm give Hay the right balance of confidence and approachability.

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Did you miss flying?

Qantas Airways may have some comfort for you… And it comes in an unexpected format! Due to the pandemic, the airline was forced – like its competitors – to ground its fleet. Now, in their efforts to salvage the business and keep the connection with customers alive, they are stripping their planes of 1000 loaded inflight bar carts and selling them to the Australian public fully stocked. An innovative initiative tinged with both hope and nostalgia!

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Jet suit paramedic!

The Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS) has working hard to find innovative solutions for paramedics to get to patients in need faster. And who would have thought that jetpack suitscould be the answer to that? Collaborating with Gravity Industries, the GNAAS has been carrying out various tests in order to make this work. They have been trialling paramedics wearing jet suits to allow them to reach patients in less accessible location in mere minutes. So perhaps the future holds flying cars… and zooming paramedics!

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