That’s Interesting 02.02.18

From Qii to Volvo’s subscription advert, from Walkoo to Meghan Cook’s wine labels, here are a few things that made us say “That’s interesting” in the studio this week…


Dose Biome has launched a multi-functional drink – Qii – that is said to prevent tooth decay. The all-natural tea has been scientifically proven to improve oral health, as it maintains a stable pH level – unlike soft drinks, fruit juices and other bottled teas which are more acidic.

Get yourself hydrated here.

Volvo’s Subscription Model

Volvo has launched an advert to promote their subscription model for their new car, the XC40. The video depicts a reality of excessive consumption and highlights the overwhelming emotional burden of materialistic lifestyles. It ends with the bold statement of “By not owning things you are not owned by things” – positioning the brand as offering its consumers ultimate freedom.

Watch the powerful video here.


French startup Walkoo is about to launch an app that nudges urban dwellers to slow down and explore cities by foot. The app gives personalised recommendations based on its consumers’ taste profiles – from street art to organic grocery stores. The app’s WalkooMeter tracks the distance walked between spots in order to reward consumers who walked the most with gifts such as free treats from a nearby café.

Start walking here.

Obscura wines

US-based winery Obscura has commissioned graphic designer Meghan Cook to design its latest wine labels. The mysterious labels are meant to appeal to the dark side of the winery’s consumers: their enigmatic and intriguing designs immerse the drinkers in the depth of the wine’s taste profile.

Find your dark wine here.


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