That’s Interesting 02.11.18

From the Odfjell’s Vigno to Uniqlo’s robots, here are some things that made us say “That’s interesting” in the studio this week.

Ode to the Underdog

Organic winery Odfjell has released a new design for its premium Carignan wine, Vigno. Previously out of favour by the industry and the consumer, this traditional variety of grape is now celebrated and heroed on the sophisticated new pack design which will be limited to just 1000 bottles.

 Discover the Chilean winery here


Send a Sniff

AI is being widely used by many categories including the world of fragrance. The Imagineering Institute in Malaysia has collaborated with Japanese start-up Scentee to experiment with the possibility of transmitting odours through electrical stimulation, delivered to a smart-phone.

 Inhale the future here


Stand Together

A new Scottish start-up is working to empower the survivors of domestic abuse. Alicas is providing clothes boxes to women who have faced abuse and have fled without their belongings. The company is actively encouraging both individuals and retailers to donate to the cause, instead of stock destruction, a highly criticised process.

 Read more and donate here

Future of Retail

Following the footsteps of Amazon’s drone delivery service, Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo is also planning an overhaul of its retail model. They have replaced 90 per cent of its staff at one of its Tokyo warehouses with robots. The brand is building a future-proof, automated system which signals tough times ahead for us humans.

 Watch it in detail here


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