That’s Interesting 03.05.19

From Quinn’s naughty audios to TRIWA’s Trump o’clock, here are some things that made us say “That’s interesting” in the studio this week.

Time for crowdfunded co-creation

It began as an April Fool’s Day prank, but Swedish watchmaker TRIWA has now announced that their Trump-inspired Comb Over watch collection is becoming official. Following an overwhelming amount of interest and crowdfunding, the brand decided to make the 1,000 piece limited edition collection available for pre-order. 900 pieces have already been sold, marking a sales record in the company’s history. Another example of the rising co-creation trend, fuelled by Gen Z being extremely vocal and confident about their views and their demands from brands.     

Make comb overs great again here

Are you a Dreamer or a Maker?

Adobe Create Magazine has come up with an exciting self-discovery tool for you! Based on psychology research, the test is aimed to determine your creative personality to help you better understand yourself and also to find your creative soulmate. The 15-step questionnaire reveals how you think about, act in, and see the world in the creative context.

Find your creativity here

More pleasure, less shame

As explored in detail in our Future of Sex edition of Map, the ‘by women for women’ trend is unquestionably on the rise. Recently launched by 22-year-old Caroline Spiegel, Quinn is an online safe space dedicated to meeting women’s need for mental arousal. Miles away from the usual uninspiring visual content created for the male gaze, the platform is divided into three sections –Tell, Read and Listen – where users are encouraged to get creative, share, read or listen their way to a different, more female-centric pleasure.

Turn up and turn on here

Happy 420!

Mainstream brands are finally catching up with the latest “green” trend. Recently, New York’s fast and healthy food chain Fresh & Co has celebrated 20 April (a key date in the cannabis culture calendar) with a special CBD menu, including Half-Baked Salad, Blazed Beet Sandwich, and CBD Pink Honey Ginger’ade Lemonade. In order to leverage hemp’s nutritional appeal and to enable their consumers to make an informed decision, the CBD content of each dish was clearly stated on the menu.

Get the munchies here


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