That’s Interesting 03.10.2019

From gender-fluid dolls to ‘un-Swedish’ design, here are some things that made us say “That’s Interesting” in the Studio this week


Boys will be girls too sometimes. 

Our understanding of Gender Identity has come a long way from when Barbie and Ken first hit our shelves. No longer constrained by gender stereotypes, Mattel have launched a new range of dolls that allow children to truly explore. The dolls are made to look gender-neutral and can be dressed in male or female clothing – meaning that kids can dress them and play how they wish, no rules needed.

Dress your way here 

Glass for Good

Can premium alternatives help in the war against single-use plastics? Method have teamed up with SFMOMA to create Glass for Good – bringing desire into the more mundane day-to-day categories. This luxurious looking soap dispenser made from donated glass bottles is designed to change people’s mindsets around household items. Replacing throw-away products with long last, more environmentally friendly alternatives.

Get glassy here

A day without Whopper 

It might seem strange for a company to promote it’s own competitor – but this seemingly foolish move was actually a very smart – and kind manoeuvre. For one day in late September, Burger King not only stopped selling their iconic Big Whopper, but they actively encouraged customers to instead get their burgers at their main competitors – McDonalds. Why? because for that day, McDonalds were giving all of their proceeds to a children’s cancer charity in Argentina. Not only was this an exceptionally kind gesture, its incredibly smart marketing too.

Eat kindly here

Opposites attract

When someone says, ‘Swedish design’, we all think of similar things; functional and minimalist. Swedish curator Paola Bajaringer however, has put together a collection of distinctly ‘un-Swedish’ designs, inspired my modern culture shifts within Sweden – particularly through the influence and strength of intersectional feminism.

Design differently here


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