That’s Interesting 05.03.2020

From clothes made from trees, to beds in the sky, here are some things that made us say “That’s Interesting” in the studio this week.

Turning over a new leaf

Yep, you’ve heard right, Marimekko, the cult Finnish fashion brand is going green with style. In collaboration with start-up Spinnova, they have developed a new fabric which is made from wood. They’ve been working on changing their fabrics since 2017 and now their traditional prints will be available in this new wooden fabric and available to buy from 2022. Imagine in two years, buying a Marimekko dress only to drop into your compost bin when you’re done with it?! A really exciting innovation that could spark real change in the fashion and textile industry.

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Think outside the circle

Celebrating their 60th anniversary in July, Etch a sketch is smashing the rules by introducing their new Etch a Sketch Revolution which has a spinning screen so that finally all budding artists can release their inner Giotto di Bondone and draw circles like a genius! Happy birthday guys and thank you for finally making the circle dream a reality, we can’t wait to try it.

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Just plane awesome

There are definitely those who of us who can sleep better on planes than others but for some it can be a real struggle. Air New Zealand have been working hard to find a solution so that everyone can get some shut eye at a mile high. The solution is called Skynest, a sleeping pod that contains six full length beds with ambient mood lighting. There are however still a few details to iron out but who knows, next time you fly with Air New Zealand you might be lucky enough to catch some Z’s!

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A collaboration between star architect Rem Koolhaas and Volkswagen has envisioned the future of the electric tractor. A key focus for the exhibition at the Guggenheim in New York explores the radical changes including politics, climate change and migration in rural territories. The AMO (Rem Koolhaas research team) and Volkswagen have explored how a tractor can play a key role in the farming of sub-Saharan Africa, a super exciting concept with a lot of potential to create real and positive change in the future.

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