That’s Interesting 05.12.19

From recycle-yourself funerals to football you can touch, here are some things that made us say ‘That’s Interesting’ in the studio this week.

Recycle Yourself

While we don’t know where we go in the afterlife, we do know what happens to our remains. For many years, the only funeral options were cremation or burial. However, death centre Recompose are offering a new, more natural alternative: Composting. The process involves placing a person’s remains into a vessel, which is aerated to create a suitable environment that breaks the remains down into usable soil in around a month. The process reduces waste, pollution of groundwater from embalming, and prevents the emissions of CO2 from cremation and the manufacturing of caskets, headstones and grave liners. This profound technique allows those who choose it to both enrich the earth and reconnect with its natural cycles.

Recompose here

Comfy clothes

The fashion industry is one of the biggest pollutants in the world, and while fast fashion takes most of the blame, high fashion is also guilty. Especially brands who are known to burn or throw away unsold clothes, in order to keep their items ‘exclusive and expensive’. Balenciaga, along with artist and furniture designer Harry Nuriev to create a sofa made from upcycled Balenciaga clothes. The sofa, made in an intentionally lazy boy style is upholstered with damaged and unsellable clothes, encased in transparent vinyl. The sofa, which is being showcased at Design Miami 2019 is centred around sustainability and reflects Balenciaga’s mission to upcycle their waste.

Upcycle here

Fieeld Demonstration

Have you ever considered what it might be like to have a passion for football, having never watched it? This is the case for the millions of blind football fans around the word. Santander have teamed up with Havas Spain and have developed a touch-based sports transmission device called ‘Fieeld’, which allows blind people to feel the movements of the ball and trajectories of plays with their fingertips.  Users can follow the match play by play while listening to the live commentary, creating a more immersive experience that is ‘closer to reality’. The goal of the product is to make the football community more inclusive, their ethos being simple: There’s only one way to experience football; with your heart.

Feel it here

Festive Season Survival

The festive season can be a difficult period for those struggling with mental health challenges. It can feel easy to be overwhelmed, and sometimes the pressure of festive cheer can leave one feeling lower than ever. In a bid to help overcome this, and encourage a ‘healthy holiday’, The Hive have teamed up with the Canadian Mental Health Association to create an advent calendar which helps you get through this period. Instead of cheap chocolates, each door contains lines of motivation and encouragement, reminding the opener to put their self-care first, and to take time out during the daunting holiday season.

Open up here


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