That’s Interesting 06.02.20

From food scented candles to next-level beauty care, here are some things that made us say “That’s Interesting” in the studio this week.

Bone China

Bone china has been around for generations, and now it’s up for an overhaul. Ceramicist Gregg Moore has created crockery in New York from cow bone – the same cow from which the meat on the plate originated. The inspiration for this comes from a nose-to-tail philosophy, avoiding wastage and being as sustainable as possible.

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The smell of home cooking, anywhere

We all love the smell of a good meal, and we all love the smell of candles – but together? Deliveroo has launched its own set of candles in Hong Kong, made with the aroma of comfort foods such as burgers, noodles and chicken nuggets. Just to put the cherry on top of these unique creations, they’re being released as Valentine’s presents. How romantic.

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DOT mind if I do

If you thought that 16,414 sets of LEGO released in the last 70 years wasn’t enough, LEGO have announced the release of their newest product, ‘LEGO DOTS’. With this new invention, they’ve stepped into the 2D world, with tile-based pieces that can create anything from room décor to bracelets, allowing for freedom of expression. You can also buy extra ‘DOTS’, to make creations even more colourful and unique.

LEGO of your creativity here

Time to get personal

L’Oreal are changing the beauty industry with their new invention ‘Perso’, a personalised 3-1 beauty-care machine that works with your phone to create the perfect skin and beauty products, personalised for you. It measures everything from your skin tone and requirements, to the air humidity, to your colouring – all to bring you the perfect creams, foundations and lipsticks required to keep you feeling your best.

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