That’s Interesting 08.03.19

From the bedtime ice cream to Old Spice’s dry shampoo for men, here are some things that made us say “That’s interesting” in the studio this week.

Virgil Abloh x Evian

Fashion designer and entrepreneur Virgil Abloh has recently collaborated with premium water brand Evian for a new limited edition range. Inspired by “One drop can make a Rainbow”, the designer is looking at sustainable options such as a refillable Soma glass water bottle. As the designer put it very nicely: “We don’t just see water we see infinite possibilities and inspiration. For everyone. Anyone.”

Be fashionably sustainable here

A Breath of Fresh Hair

Discriminated no more! P&G’s male grooming brand Old Spice has just launched its first ever dry shampoo for men. In order to celebrate the release, the brand has advertised a contest through a witty video where you can win a personalised hood ornament.

Have a look here

The Little Spoon

The new star of the ice-cream aisle is taking a radically different approach from the rest. Infused with magnesium, calcium and zinc, NightFood aims to provide a good night’s sleep. Formulated and approved by the sleep experts, it comes in eight award-winning flavours.

Choose your bedtime favourite here


In the wake of Women’s Day, Diageo is focusing on gender balance in advertising in order to celebrate the 8th of March. The short film features the importance of inclusion and diversity in the creative industry. The video showcases a rather disturbing fact that men are 62% more likely to be shown as smart and twice as likely to be shown as funny.

Support the balance here



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