That’s Interesting 08.08.2019

From immersive meditation to mustard ice cream, here are some things that made us say “That’s interesting” in the studio this week.

Ride the waves

In amongst hectic lifestyles and expensive classes, it can be hard for many to find the time and means to meditate. Encouraging people to ‘elevate their state of mind’, new brand Wave mixes traditional meditation practices with modern technology, this is the perfect immersive meditative experience to help calm and inspire the modern on-the-goer.

Elevate here

A perfect storm

Many of us would enjoy the rain a bit better if we didn’t actually get wet. Well now, there might be a way. To celebrate their famous Rum, Kraken they recently held an immersive pirate themed event. Featuring an all-black food menu (we suspect, a lot of squid ink), surrounded by a ‘storm’, featuring 1,000 litres of free-falling rainwater, wind, thunder and of course plenty of Rum. Yo’ho, me hearties.

Release the Kraken here  

Those were the days

Sometimes ‘adulting’ can be hard and we need a break. HideSeek’s indoor adult playground is the perfect space for reminiscing the carefree days and taking a break from the realities and stresses of grown-up life. Featuring 12 different interactive and immersive rooms from the pillow-fort room to the glow in the dark sticker room to a giant ball-pool pit, it’s sure to entice the imagination and encourage you to have a whole lot of childish fun.

Be childish here

Mustard … Ice cream? 

You weren’t screaming for it, we weren’t screaming for it, and yet here it is. American brand French’s neon yellow ice cream might look like it would be better served on a hot-dog, but this is a sweet treat with a tangy twist. Dividing opinions in the world of social media, this unusual condiment-based dessert is sure to captivate the more curious foodies among us.

Scream about it here


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