That’s Interesting 08.11.19

From augmented-reality graffiti to Beer for Orcas, here are some things that made us think ‘That’s Interesting’ in the studio this week.

Keeping it clean

Even the most natural swimmers would feel uncomfortable swimming in most city rivers. The brown murky waters would put anyone off. But what if that changed? In a bid to make New York’s water cleaner, the + Pool light has been created. It’s a cross shaped, light up piece of artwork that tracks and reports water conditions. Their eventual goal is to clean up the water, drop by drop. The drifting sculpture is constructed with a series of LED lights and is part of the continued efforts being made in New York City to improve water quality.

Swim here

Digital Sprayers

Young people are becoming more politically involved and, as technology changes, new ways of self-expression are evolving. With ‘digital Sprayers’ people can paint virtual comments on city walls and respond to other users’ tags. Graffiti has been a form of expression for generations, and it’s now stepping forward into the modern world. It allows public space to become a communication platform that encourages expression and political engagement – without the potential destruction of architecture.

Spray here

Moustache too

As part of the promotion of Movember awareness, women’s beauty brand Billie’s are here to remind us: Women have moustaches too. The brand wants to destigmatise women’s facial hair and saw Movember as the perfect opportunity to help normalise it, whilst also promoting a good cause. To use their own words: “A ‘stache is just a ‘stache and we shouldn’t let our perfectly good ones go to waste.”

Grow here

Whale of a time

As the population of British Columbian southern resident killer whales slowly continues to decline, Vancouver Island Brewing, along with local island breweries decided to take action. They’ve created a special promotional pack of beers, called the ‘Pod Pack’. Designed with orca inspiration, the proceeds are going towards the Pacific Salmon Foundation – helping to provide a vital food source for these incredible whales.

Drink here


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