That’s Interesting 09.01.2020

From virtual visors to beer calendars, here are some things that made us say “that’s interesting” in the studio this week.

(Not so) Plain White Tee

It’s 2020 and digital fashion is officially #OnTrend. Scandinavian fashion retailer Carlings have teamed up with Norwegian creative agency Virtue to create a new kind of digital clothing. First a real, actual white t-shirt which features a tracker spot on the front. Simply scan the tracker with your phone, and you have indefinite t-shirt designs to snap up for your Insta.

Wear it here

Dry your eyes

In honour of dry January, Heineken have created the ‘Dry Pack’. Think of it like an advent calendar to help you get through this sober, miserable, month. However, instead of little chocolates, you get a can of 0% tasty beer. That’s a January we may all be able to get through.

Drink through it here

Here comes the sun  

The trusty sun-visor in our cars is a lifesaver (sometimes literally) on a sunny afternoon drive. However, they do come with their own risk, mostly of course, blocking vision. What if you could have the best of both worlds? Bosch have created a virtual visor, a transparent LCD panel with AI facial detection that shades your eyes without blocking your view. This is a perfect example of how some simple inventions can have the biggest impact.

See clearly here

Reimagine Sport

Adidas are smashing stereotypes and boundaries when it comes to women’s sports. Their new campaign ‘Reimagine Sport’ is part of the release of their all-inclusive collection, featuring sizes from 2XS to 4X and the Ultimate Bra, available in A-G cups. Their goal? To celebrate sports – and the women who do them, in all their shapes and forms.

Get fit here


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