That’s Interesting 10.05.19

From Adidas’s 100% recyclable shoes to Coca Cola’s brand new mixers, here are some things that made us say “That’s interesting” in the studio this week.

14 Street Tree Pod, London.

It’s no secret that London, like all big cities, is struggling with insufficient housing and high pollution levels. Matthew Chamberlain, a University of Westminster graduate, has an innovative proposal to overcome both: the Street Tree Pods. Imagined as a form of short-term accommodation for the likes of students and young professionals, these pods are attached to trees and grow vertically, they only take up the space of a single parked car, they come with heating and ventilation, and benefit from the natural benefits of being surrounded by oxygen-generating, soothing nature.

Climb the property ladder here

Recycled Runs

Introducing Futurecraft.Loop: the 100% recyclable, one material, no glue, zero waste running shoe by Adidas. This pioneering project is another step in the brand’s commitment to take end-to-end responsibility for its products. Customers are asked to return the shoes to the company at the end of their lifetime, so they can be washed, deconstructed into the original raw material, and rebuilt. Beta testing is underway, and the new designs are due in Spring/Summer 2021.

Run wild and waste-free here

‘This’ is delicious

As explored in our Map report, The Taste Revolution, flexitarianism and meat alternatives are on the rise. The more consumers are leaning into cutting down their meat consumption, the more brands are emerging into the spotlight with exciting solutions. To be released in late 2019, UK brand ‘This’ aims to provide soy and pea-based meat alternatives in an impartial and straightforward tone-of-voice, moving away from the often dogmatic and judgemental discourse around meat consumption.

Meat ‘This’ here

Mix it up 

Coca Cola has a surprise in store for us in June 2019. The brand’s new ‘Signature Mixers’ range will soon up the game and competition in the premium mixer market. Designed especially for dark spirit mixology, the range will be available in 4 distinct flavours: Smoky, Spicy, Herbal and Woody.

Have a sip here


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