That’s Interesting 10.08.18

From Turkish Airline’s LEGO video to Cornerstone’s new dental range,  here’s some things that made us say “That’s interesting” in the studio this week.


In-flight smiles

Already known for their witty in-flight safety videos, Turkish Airlines has recently teamed up with LEGO for their latest short film. In the video, Batman, Robin and many more celebrity LEGO characters, along with the airlines’ cabin crew, showcase safety procedures to attract the attention of the usually distracted airline passengers.

Watch the playful video here


An adventurous Pop-up

Pinnacle Project is North Face’s new exclusive retail project. The unusual Pop-up store aims to celebrate he spirit of exploration – it is placed in the wild of the Italian Alps, in Val San Nicolò, and is only reachable by foot after a two-hour hike. Once there, intrepid visitors are invited to discover a displayed collection of 8 items, each previously owned by a famous adventurer.

Find your way to the pinnacle here


Drink your greens

The Green Cola is an innovative Greek company which has set itself out to create a cola with no unhealthy ingredients (such as sugar, aspartame, etc.), but that still maintains the authenticity of the taste. Their drink is made only from natural ingredients and is sweetened by stevia plant.

Have a taste here



Cornerstone, the biggest UK subscription male grooming brand, has just launched a new line of dental care products. Path helped the brand give birth to their contemporary care line, with an clean and fresh aesthetics that propels the role of design in the bathroom.

It’s this way to keep it clean and this way to read more about it


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