That’s Interesting 12.09.2019

From plastic-free islands to upcycled band-shirts, here are some things that made us say ‘That’s Interesting’ in the studio this week.

Box it up

Built as a place to house Turkish modern art, the Odunpazari Museum is truly an art piece in itself. Created in the form of stacked boxes made from interlocking timber beams, it’s designed to reflect and pay homage to the cities long standing heritage within timber trade. One of the key features at the centre of the three-storey building is a breath-taking skylight that twists gently as it rises, linking the cool modern interior with the ancient city around it.

Modernize here

Rock n’ reprint

As we all start taking steps towards a more sustainable world, everyone is trying to think of ways to have a smaller environmental impact. Indie band The 1975 have found a genius way to promote their new album while staying as eco-friendly as possible; they’re reprinting over their old tour t-shirts. The shadow of previous branding can be seen under the new print, but this just gives them a more layered, quirky design. Not only this, but they’re reprinting over fans old t-shirts if they bring them along to their live concerts – saving people money and saving the planet too. Now that’s rock n’ roll.

Upcycle here

Clean blue, green Greece

Popular Greek island Paros is aiming to become the first plastic waste-free island in the Mediterranean. With help from a program called Clean Blue Alliance, their goal is to reduce and eventually replace all single use plastic, instead focusing on building a circular plastic system. The initiative also involves community projects such as tourist training schemes, company plastic-free initiatives and water fountains with Clean Blue bottles in schools.

Clean up here

Baby blue

When it comes to design, sometimes category codes need to be broken. New brand Agnotis baby have released a new range of products with a truly unique style. Featuring tactile elements, wooden lids and unique pastel colouring reminiscent of baby toys, these unusual designs are sure to have strong shelf standout power.

Feel blue here


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