That’s Interesting 13.11.19

From data-driven fashion to celebratory funeral homes, here are some things that made us say ‘That’s Interesting’ in the studio this week.

The Misused

Taiwanese designers Liang-Jung Chen and Shuei-Yuan Yang have designed a collection of homewares called ‘The Misused’, turning the concept of recycling and reusing items on its head. The collection is inspired by the way elders in Taiwan’s countryside creatively re-use everyday objects. Made using homeware such as door holders, floor drains, cable ties and hose clamps, the collection shows a wonderful sense of humour, along with a brilliant sense of inventive genius.

Re-use it here

Data driven design

We’ve all seen materials inspired by animal prints and flowers – but what about data and science? Creative fashion designer Giorgia Lupi’s new co-lab collection is inspired by 3 inspirational female scientists – a Mathematician, an Astronaut and a Conservationist. The fabrics are not only visually stunning, but they convey powerful messages and deeper narratives, representing parts of the world that are rarely observed in the fashion world.

Wear the narrative here

Modernising bereavement

The funeral sector has remained unchanged for generations. After his father’s sudden death, Oliver Peyton found the world of funeral planning to be stressful, uninviting and hollow. So, he decided to create his own Funeral Directors, named ‘Exit Here’, offering a unique and informed alternative experience. They offer everything from natural burials, flowers, dedicated aftercare and even their own range of unique caskets and urns. Their focus on celebrating life over mourning death gives a refreshing side to this otherwise bleak industry.

Exit here

Aromatic Odyssey

The Scottish Highlands and Isles are known for their distinctive beauty, and nature lovers have been escaping to them for years. For when there’s no time to escape, Vam Terrain Fragrance, along with Whisky brand Norlan, have created a range of fragrances inspired by the Scottish wilderness.  The range features perfumes inspired by the highlands, the Isle of Skye and the Isle of Islay, bringing mind scents of moss, smoky fires, sea salts, sharp wet stone and heather.

Transport to nature here


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