That’s Interesting 14.06.19

From KLM’s Flying V-plane to Daye’s CBD cramp-fighting tampons, here are some things that made us say “That’s interesting” in the studio this week.

High times for Auntie Flo

CBD drinks, CBD tea, CBD cosmetics… And now, CBD tampons. Femcare start-up Daye have developed a new cramp-fighting tampon, due to launch this Autumn, that harnesses the pain-killing properties of CBD to fight dysmenorrhea. A welcome innovation in women’s hygiene products, an industry that sees little in the way of innovation!

Uncramp you style here

Unicorn tresses

Walking around a music festival can often feel like being in a rainbow… And even more so this summer, thanks to a new range of Unicorn Hair Sprays. These multi-coloured temporary dyes come with cute stencil sets, so that festival-goers can adorn their tresses and express their joy with twinkly hearts, stars and smileys.

Shine bright like a diamond here

The Tide in Greenwich

London will soon be getting its very own NY-inspired High Line. The 5km network of public gardens will open in July 2019, and visitors will be able to explore its different levels based on their whims, moods and ongoing activities, centred around recreation, culture and wellness.

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The flying V-plane

Dutch airline KLM and the Delft University of Technology have worked together to design a new, V-shaped, more environmentally friendly airplane. Its improved aerodynamics and lighter shape incorporate the passenger cabin, fuel tanks and cargo hold into the wings, making it 20% more fuel efficient than the standard models.

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