That’s interesting! 15.10.20

From new inclusive packaging for cereal to machines that do instant garment recycling, here are some things that made us say “That’s interesting!” in the studio this week.

Rethink. Reskill. Reboot. Really?!

Over the last few days, Social Media has exploded with reposts and retorts to this image from a UK-government backed campaign, which appears to target the arts industry. It is important to note that – as fact-checked by Reuters – the advert is one of a series that features workers from a variety of industries, not just the arts. Nevertheless, at a moment in time riddled in uncertainty and anxiety, the response from creatives was piercing, fitting and brilliant. As a whole, it’s an important reminder of the need to celebrate, support and enable the hopes, dreams and opportunities generated by creativity – before, during and beyond the pandemic.

Stay creative here

Brand stretch.

Who started as a trendy yoga attire label, evolved into a lifestyle brand and has now expanded into a holistic self-care offering? Lululemon! The brand has introduced a new product range that is neither a piece of clothing nor an athletic accessory – it’s a beauty line! Lululemon Selfcare is a five-piece collection of gender-neutral, clean beauty products. They have been designed with function at their core, to help consumers pause for a moment of self-care pre- and post-workout. The design of this new line is very much in harmony with the idea of simplicity, balance and Lululemon’s visual identity. An exciting and natural stretch into a new category!

Beauty and alignment here

Live loops.

H&M has taken another step towards becoming a circular and more sustainable fashion brand. They recently created the H&M Looop machine, which transforms old clothes into new ones in front of your very eyes. Yes, you read that right – the recycling is live and instant! Looop has been launched at their Drottninggatan store in Stockholm, and it is the first time this garment-to-garment recycling system is shown in store-by a fashion retailer. The machine transforms old clothes into new fashion pieces in the most eco-friendly way possible, from disassembly to cleaning to re-creation. More on loops and the Circular Economy in our Earth Matters article.

Let’s remake here

Inclusive cereal.

For World Sight Day, Kellogg’s launched a new, enhanced packaging solution optimised for blind and partially sighted people. Trialed at Co-op stores around the UK, the special Coco Pops boxes feature a code which helps people to access the nutritional and allergen information printed on pack via an app that automatically detects and reads all the data aloud. The project is the result of a partnership between Kellogg’s, the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and Spanish start-up NaviLens. Nutritional labelling is very important for consumers, it’s great to see Kellogg’s take the initiative to innovate and lead the category to a more inclusive future.

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