That’s Interesting 16.03.18

They Hate Pimples

Male-beauty brands are here to reclaim beauty from women. US based brand ‘They hate pimples’ is challenging the status quo by offering concealers with a very masculine marketing approach. ‘Zit camuflage’ is the new black.

Read and conceal more here.

Lego goes green

The Lego Group will start using plant-based, soft and durable plastic sourced from sugarcabe in their toys, starting from 2018. The company has pledged to replace its main production to more sustainable products by 2030 and to help build a greener future.

Leave a greener footprint here.

Renault’s Ez-Go

Renault is exploring the future of transportation with its new driverless concept car Ez-Go. The future predicted by Renault is electric, connected and autonomous. The Ez-Gos offer an alternative to public transport – the cars can be called through an app or physical stations and used freely by users who do need to own them to use them. A pleasant and comfortable transportation experience is promised – with a glass roof, limited speed and pre-determined seating.

Discover the project here.

PG Tips’s dairy-free blend

British tea brand PG have just released ‘Perfect with Dairy Free’, a new special blend to provide the most delicious vegan cuppa. Their new line balances the taste of dairy-free milks over the tea to amplify your 5 o’clock.

Discover the blend here.


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