That’s Interesting 16.11.18

From Keurig’s cocktail maker to Method’s glass bottle, here are some things that made us say “That’s interesting” in the studio this week.

Greener, cleaner.

Known for its non-toxic, environmentally-friendly, aesthetically pleasing products, Method is now leading the charge for refillables. The new SFMOMA limited edition range showcases a sophisticated diamond-cut re-usable glass bottle to encourage consumers to reduce their use of plastic while supporting the museum’s education programme.

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Iceland is eliminating palm oil, an edible vegetable oil which has been widely publicised as the reason for huge amounts of deforestation across Indonesia. The frozen food retailer decided to celebrate Christmas by airing Greenpeace’s short animation “Rang-tan”, to show its commitment to the campaign, only to be banned by Clearcast. A huge backlash resulted in more than 30m views.

Watch the heartbreaking video here


Cocktails, anyone?

Keurig has shaken hands with Anheuser-Busch for an unexpected alliance. The duo has launched Drinkworks Home Bar, a cocktail maker which uses single-use cocktail pods. Launched with 24 different cocktails, you can mix and serve anything from a Classic Margarita’s to Moscow Mule.

Have a cocktail (or two) here


Shoot for the moon

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has travelled space and back. To celebrate its 10th annual Single’s day the company has put a satellite into space, orbiting the earth once every 90 minutes whilst broadcasting sentimental notes to single shoppers. Alibaba has broken Amazon’s Black Friday record by reaching $30.8 billion in one day alone.

Single or coupled, take a peak from here



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