That’s Interesting 17.07.19

From 0%-plastic glitter to genital encyclopaedias, here are some of the things that made us say ‘That’s Interesting’ in the studio this week.

Ready to brew

Most of us know that satisfying sense of achievement when you defy all odds and manage to somehow execute the putting together of IKEA furniture. It’s a moment that makes us all feel that we’ve finally stepped into adulthood (no matter our age). But what about making your own Kombucha? Combining Ikea’s modern ’DIY’ outlook with the health drink of a generation, their new Make-Your-Own Kombucha is as easy as 1,2 3 (literally).

Do it yourself here

Opening up

If you’re a touch squeamish, the word pussy might make you feel a bit uncomfortable. It’s a word often used to sexualise and objectify the female body, but the women at Pussypedia are taking it back.  Their new definition of the word: “some combination of vagina, vulva, clitoris, uterus, bladder, rectum, anus, and who knows, maybe some testes“, proves this is a group not afraid to shy away from open conversations about the female anatomy in all its glory. Their goal? To address the lack of quality, accessible information about women’s bodies on the internet, and in life generally.

Get educated here

All that is glitter

While some prefer a more subtle approach, others were born to sparkle and shine. For those in the latter category, there’s finally an option that will allow you to sparkle like a mermaid without the ocean-polluting plastic. Beauty Kitchen has created the world’s first 0% Plastic Eco-Glitter Balm. It can be used as a highlighter, lip balm, eye shadow and body glitter – plus it comes in a returnable and reusable plastic-free container for maximum sustainability.

Glow up here

For the many

The beauty and fashion industries are finally diversifying with the help of revolutionary brands such as Aerie. The US retailer now showcases it’s online product pages featuring women with a range of disabilities, illnesses, ethnicities, ages and shapes. They sported wheelchairs, crutches, insulin pumps for Type 1 Diabetes, ostomy bags and mastectomies – all images untouched to ensure their real beauty shines through.

Get real here


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