That’s Interesting 17.10.19

From multi-purpose Make-up to campaigning Clothes, here are some things that made us say ‘That’s Interesting’ in the studio this week.

Double Duty

Nowadays, there seems to be a million different beauty products that do the almost the same thing – but what about a beauty product that can do a million different things? Okay, well maybe not a million, but Alleyoop is a new beauty and body care brand, looking to simplify your daily routine. Their multi-functional, compact and time-saving products are designed to keep life simple and give you the time to focus on the more important things, whatever they are to you.

Overachieve here

Green Beer

We were all happy when paper straws finally made their breakthrough (well, most of us). Carlsberg are leading the ‘paper bottle community’ movement, with their new prototypes for Green Fibre Bottles – made from sustainably sourced bio-based wood fibres.  They’re not 100% paper based yet, as they still require a thin recycled PET Polymer film barrier to help hold the liquid. However, this is an important step within this new category, and should soon lead to greater, more sustainable things.

Drink green here

Keep CALM and carry on shopping

Topshop has collaborated with CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) to create clothes that aim to get people to open up and talk about their feelings. Not only do the clothes have subtle but smart messages on printed on them, they have even better interior labels. ‘Care Sewn In’ labels are there to remind you to handle yourself with care, and #LetWhatsOnTheInsideOut. The launch coincides with World Mental health Day, and £5 from every garment sold with me donated to CALM.

Handle with care here

Buying Banksy

Banksy has somehow been able to make himself a world-wide phenomenon, whilst still remaining anonymous. His recent piece, ‘The store you can’t go into’ was inspired by a legal case he’s currently tacking over an unused store space. He created the store ‘For Display Purposes Only’, and then later set up an online store to actually sell the artwork featured. The art however, does not come on a first-come-first-serve basis. Rather you have to answer a question, then hope he likes your response enough to send you one. Here’s hoping.

Bank it here


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