That’s Interesting 18.01.19

From Sphero’s Specdrums to home robot LOVOT,  here are some things that made us say “That’s interesting” in the studio this week.

Tap your Tunes

Toy manufacturer Sphero has launched Specdrums, a ring that allows everyone to create their own beats with their fingertips. Powered by Bluetooth technology, the device utilises light sensors from colours and turns them into sounds through its app, Specdrums Mix. Portable and practical, you can create music anytime, anywhere.

Boost your beat here

Family Table

Levantes is a family farm in Greece where every member of the clan contributes to the creation of a premium olive oil. Mr Kyriakos handles the field whilst Mrs Stellina picks the olives from the trees by hand. Markos then prepares for production by separating the fruits from the leaves. The packaging features hand-drawn illustrations that capture the unique character of each family member during their daily routines, reinforcing the loving and caring family values of the brand.

Follow the family here

 Provenance of Glam

By putting sustainability at the heart of its brand, Tiffany&Co has just unveiled its latest Diamond Source Initiative. Going above and beyond in total transparency, an etched serial number inside the ring allows consumers to trace the provenance of their individually registered diamonds.

Have a look here

A.I Powered Love

Meet Lovot! A new home robot that is said to ‘stir your instinct to love.’ Betting on the notion that human beings release oxytocin with close interactions such as hugs, these soft-skinned robots aim to remedy the loneliness epidemic of the current era. Lovots are equipped with all-around touch sensors, eyes and voices that have human characteristics to enrich their user’s life.

Pre-order love here



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