That’s Interesting 19.04.19

From orbital billboards lighting up the night sky to Kartell’s 100% A.I. generated chair, here are some things that made us say “That’s interesting” in the studio this week.

Reach for the stars

Astronomers and romantics beware, the sky is no longer the limit for eyeball-hungry advertisers. Russian startup StartRocket is looking to launch a series of reflective satellites – cubesats – into space, and to rent them to brands as orbital billboards. It is still at research and testing stage, but the idea of a branded starry, starry night does seem to wax a little dystopian…    

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Digital packaging

Lush continues to position itself as synonymous to eco-consciousness, this time by innovating in both retail and packaging design. Or, in the case of the latter, the absence of it. Its dedicated bath bomb store in Harajuku (Tokyo) displays and sells free of labels, signage, demo stations and packaging. Instead, customers use the Lush Labs app to take a photo of the product and reveal its name, ingredients, price and demo videos.

Soak it up here

Take A.I. Seat

We’ve all heard of automated production, but could this machine-lead process also apply to product design? It certainly seems so! It’s called generative design, and it is how renowned designer Philippe Starck, furniture company Kartell, and 3D company Autodesk have engineered and created the aptly named A.I. chair. Input the technical constraints, run the algorithm and, hey presto, you’ve got yourself a sleek, sinuous chair that is material-efficient and ergonomically sound.

Watch it happen here

Be our Muji guest

Stepping into one of the 79 rooms of the recently opened Muji Hotel in Ginza (Tokyo) is very much like walking into the pages of the furnishing giant’s product catalog. The hotel merges retail and hospitality, providing guests with a place to rest, to experience its range firsthand (the rooms are furnished with Muji products), to shop (in the mega flagship store downstairs), to eat, and also to get creative, all in Muji anti-label style.

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