That’s Interesting 19.09.2019

From rogue vodka to London Design Week, here are some things that made us say ‘That’s Interesting’ in the studio this week.

Thank U very much

Groovy is making a comeback, thanks to ThankU Eyewear. Their new branding has a sleek retro feel with a modern twist, bringing bold colours and clashing patterns together to create something truly funky. There’s something slightly hypnotic about the 80’s inspired design, which is sure to appeal to both the bolder youth, and the reminiscent Gen X.

Get groovy here

Going Rogue

We’ve all got a little legless when drinking, but what about armless? BrewDog’s new single malt vodka is inspired by it’s Scottish heritage, and just like the north sea, it’s got a kick. Introducing One-Armed Alex is a wave of fresh air (pun intended) amongst a world of repetitive red vodka labels, and the playful copper coloured design is sure to have powerful shelf stand out.

Wave away here

You’re sea-ing things

London Design Week is here. Though many amazing exhibitions have already come forward, few are as hard hitting as Sam Jacobs’ project Sea Things. Set in the already stunning entryway of the V&A Museum, the instillation isn’t just exquisite, it’s provoking. The large glass box hands dramatically, and inside a short animation plays – showing the brutal reality of plastics effects on our oceans.

Sea it here

Pouring perfection

We’ve all faced the struggle of getting ketchup out of the bottle. Sometimes it just won’t budge. For the simpletons among us (AKA all of us), Heinz have created the Pour Perfect Bottle, designed with a wonky label, which when made straight shows you the perfect angle for getting every last drop. As they say, not all heroes wear capes.

Tip it here


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