That’s Interesting 19.10.18

From the unforgettable Sans Forgetica to Nike’s House of Innovation, here’s some things that made us say “That’s interesting” in the studio this week.

Sans Forgetica

Forget no more! Australia’s RMIT University’s behavioural business lab and design school have launched “Sans Forgetica”, a unique font designed to increase recall of information in helping students to study. The angles and semi-visible font forces the brain to decode the copy whilst encouraging the reader to actively fill in the gaps.

 Learn more here


Shanghai 001

Nike has recently launched its first House of Innovation, in Shanghai’s Nanjing East Road shopping district. The four-storey store showcases the brand’s consumer and innovation-led approach from the past and its ambitions for the future.Aiming to cater for digitally-connected consumers, city-exclusive limited edition products, personalisation services, expert speaker sessions and workshops will be offered on site.

 Take a look at the future of sneakers here


Snap Originals

Snapchat continues to push innovative approaches in order to reinvent itself. The company has just revealed ‘Snap Originals’ which offers new and original shows. Leveraging AR technology, Snapchat delivers immersive stories whilst engaging their audience, making them feel like part of the story rather than providing just another binging habit.

 Sneak a peak here

Branding for Equality

Kimberly-Clark, manufacturer of Kleenex tissues, has decided to rebrand its current ‘Mansize’ tissue boxes as ‘Extra Large’ after receiving much criticisms about the out-dated tone of voice on the UK packaging. When launched in 1956, the brands claim was “stay strong when wet”!

Check the current controversial range here





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