That’s Interesting 20.02.2020

From handwriting inspired by Parkinson’s disease, to the Pepsi engagement ring, here are some things that made us say “That’s Interesting” in the studio this week.

Written with love

Parkinson’s disease has no current known cause or cure. When art director Morten Halvorsen’s mother was diagnosed with the disease, he created a typeface from her handwriting. A change in handwriting is one of the earliest signs of the disease and is known to deteriorate as the disease progresses. He intends to update the font annually, to record how it takes effect. The font is available to purchase, and 100% of proceeds go towards finding a cure.

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A Ring with taste

If you’re thinking of planning a truly unique marriage proposal, we might have found the trick. Pepsi have created an engagement ring made with real ‘Crystal Pepsi’, because what says love like crystalized soda?  This unique ring comes in a white box featuring the Pepsi Crystal logo. Pepsi are running a competition to find the most imaginative proposal idea, and the lucky winner gets this truly one-of-a-kind ring.

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Nomadic Essentials for Simpler Transitions

Millenials are the generation that never settle. This is partly due to a free spirit, but mostly due to an exceptionally un-reachable housing market. They are the rent-generation, and some designers, such as Malessa’s Studio are thinking of new, more sustainable and practical ways to accommodate this flexible nature. They have created NEST, a moving crate that opens up into a minimal home kit, including a desk, bed and a shelving unit, allowing folks on the go to always feel like they’re at home.

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The write side of Recycling

Right now we are fighting a war on plastic. This incredible material is useful in almost all aspects of our lives, but it is polluting our planet. Brands are coming up with inventive new ways to re-use this vital material, such as Polit’s new Bottle-2-Pen. The B2Ps units come in both gel and ink varieties and are made from 86-89% plastic bottles. What’s more, the design of the pens mirror that of water bottles, a reminder of the importance of using recycled materials.

Re-write waste here


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