That’s Interesting 21.11.19

From digital fashion to human-focused exhibitions, here are some things that made us say ‘That’s Interesting’ in the studio this week.

It’s in the bag

Up until recently, the backpack has been a pretty standard object. What you see is what you get. However, the new Osuza Canvas is unlike any backpack we’ve ever seen. Inspired by military carry systems, this bag contains so many clips, sleeves, straps and loops you’d think it’s a wonder it’s not giant. However, to the contrary, this smart and innovative bag flat packs against your back, meaning it looks swish whilst being undeniably practical.

Pack up here

A new Galaxy

Vegan products are in major demand and some categories have been slow to catch up. One of these areas is confectionary. Mars however are tapping into this growing opportunity, becoming the first mainstream chocolate brand to offer a plant-based milk chocolate alternative. In addition, the bars are packaged with recyclable wood-fibre cardboard and compostable film – making the range as environmentally friendly as possible.

Everybody is special

You are special just like everybody else. The question is – are you as special as you think you are? The NEMO Science Museum is showing a new exhibition about the human race, focusing on what makes us similar and unique to each other. Using pop art videos and GIFs, they will be exploring our uniqueness in visually dynamic and creative ways.

Discover yourself here

Physically digital

Digital fashion is still being approached with caution by most. In a bid to encourage people to be more open and creative with the idea, London pop-up ‘Hot Second’ has been opened to encourage people trying the concept. In exchange for an item of donated clothes – encouraging recycled fashion, folks can literally ‘pop-in’ to a booth and try a variety of different digital styles, guided by. Human ‘digital tailor’. The project is a perfect blend of sustainability, technology and creativity.

Dress digital here


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