That’s Interesting 22.08.2019

From biodegradable plant-pots to elderly homes fit for a Queen (literally), here are some things that made us say ‘That’s Interesting’ in the studio this week.

Planting Power

For the eco-friendly green thumbs among us, you might be fed up of those brown or black plastic containers that end up being thrown away after planting. Well Mobius may soon have the solution. Currently in trial, they have invented bio-degradable planting pots that you put directly into the ground. The pot degrades making space for the plant to bloom. Though this is not yet on our shelves, we can expect this to completely reform the home-growing industry and shift the tides in the war against single-use plastic.

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Cocoa crazy

If there’s one thing that brings everyone together, it’s chocolate. Nestle, major European chocolate company is soon to change the industry once more with their cocoa-complete Choco delight. Made entirely from the Cocoa fruit itself, using the cocoa beans as a base and the pulp as a natural sweetener. It’s the first chocolate to be sold on shelves made entirely without any refined sugars.

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Attention all girl boss’s, for those looking for more inspiration that a simple Instagram feed, we might have just the trick. There’s no denying that when our hair looks great, most of us leave the house feeling more confident. New company Blond has created a range of hair products, along with a revolutionary hair-extensions system that’s gives you full natural hair without the damage. Their goal is to inspire and uplift, from head (literally) to toe.

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A royal residence

When you think of an elderly home, great things don’t often come to mind. Prepare to think again. IKEA is teaming up with Skanska and the Queen of Sweden to create homes for the elderly with dementia and disabilities that are truly fit for a Queen (and perhaps your grandparents). Silviabo homes will have that classic modern Scandinavian style with features made to make life easier, such as ramp entrances, colour-coded way finding, accessible bathrooms, wheelchair parking and secure outdoor areas. To top it off, the designs look chic enough to make even the most stylish of us jealous.

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