That’s Interesting 23.01.2020

From Gucci’s new logo to stab-safe knives, here are some things that made us say “That’s Interesting” in the studio this week.

Technically natural

Studio Drift are hoping to reconnect us with the natural world through the use of technology in their latest exhibition “DRIFT: About Nature, Technology and Humankind”. Set amongst the beautiful walls of the former St Joseph’s Church in San Francisco, the show explores how nature and technology impact modern life.

Get in touch with nature here

The point of safety

In a bid to tackle the rising epidemic of knife crime in the UK, Viners have released a collection of kitchen knives with blunt rounded tips that can’t pierce human skin. The design has both safety and functionality in mind, and also happen to look pretty swish. Each knife is made from stainless steel and has black soft touch handles, with a non-stick coating to reduce friction and make for a smoother cooking experience.

Put safety first here

Draw like a child

Gucci has just released their fascinating new menswear line, along with a new logo. The new temporary logo is inspired by children’s writing, particularly the way that French children are taught to write in schools. The theme of the launch? #RaveLikeYouAreFive. The brand has seen mixed reactions from people for this unique design choice, some people saying it ‘feels authentic’ while others criticised it for ‘lacking aesthetic’.

Rave like you are five here

Sounds like branding to me  

As part of their new ‘Sonic Brand Identity’, Mastercard have taken audio marketing to the next level. This month they have released their first single, which features their unique melody as part of the song. They will be releasing a full album called “Priceless”, which will contain 12 songs spanning many genres and styles, all featuring this new ‘sonic logo’.

Sing along here


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