That’s Interesting 23.03.18

From Space10’s futuristic sustainable menu to ‘Super-wood’, from The Angle Razor to Noir Vif’s chocolate tiles here’s some things that made us say “That’s interesting” in the studio this week.

The Fast-food of the Future

IKEA’s future-thinking food lab Space10 have just revealed their latest experiment: a fest of five futuristic and sustainable dishes. Going from hot dogs and burgers to ice cream and salad, the menu is made from highly unusual ingredients, each chosen for their uber-eco-friendly properties.

Get inspired by The Bug Burger’s mealworm patty or the microgreens ice creams here.


Engineers at the University of Maryland have discovered a way to increase the strength of natural wood and make it even stronger than aluminium alloys. The technique compacts the wood’s fibbers by removing an organic polymer called lignin, before compressing it under heat. The resulting material could offer a lightweight and more sustainable alternative to steel.

Read more about it here.

The Angle Razor

London-based design agency Morrama aims to provide you with a safer version of the traditional shaving ceremony with their unique and carefully designed razor. Made from aluminium and brass, The Angle razor is a minimalistic and durable alternative to the multi-blade modern razors and contemporary subscription services.

Click here to read more.

Enamel Tiles & Chocolates

Design studio Noir Vif is paying homage to the Paris Regional Express Railway (RER)’s 40-year anniversary by turning the network’s iconic train station enamels tiles into delicious chocolate bars. Bold shapes and colours will grab the attention of design-enthusiasts, who also get one piece of the collectible original’s Briare tiles with a brief background on the pack.

Get snacking here.


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