That’s Interesting 25.01.19

From Suntory’s Ao to TerraCycle’s Loop, here are some things that made us say “That’s interesting” in the studio this week.

Radical Realness

Akilah Hughes, Robyn Kanner, and Timothy Goodman are three friends that have launched the digital platform “Friends with Secrets” in order to give a real insight into their personal lives. They chose to trial digital therapy which they openly shared with full disclosure of their real but heart-breaking experiences without edit or censorship.

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Worldwide Provenance

Japanese distiller Suntory has just announced the launch of Ao, a new whisky that heroes the idea of collective provenance. Blended with 5 distinct spirits from popular whisky-making countries – Scotland, Ireland, America, Canada and Japan, the name Ao means blue, as a reference to the sea that unites the 5 countries.

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 Reusable Everyday

The world’s largest consumer brands have partnered with TerraCycle to launch a one-of-a-kind global recycling program, Loop. A subscription-based service, Loop collects used packaging and then hygienically cleans and sanitizes the empty packaging you send back so they are ready for reuse, instead of ending up as waste after a single use. Loop will be launched primarily in the USA and France in Spring 2019.

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Branded Lifestyle

As the boundaries blur between categories, products and services, brands are becoming more disruptive and daring. Shinola Hotel has been developed by the brand, in line with its own range of premium leather goods and bicycles as well as other popular lifestyle products and objects.

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