That’s Interesting 25.05.18

From BBC Sport’s World Cup 2018 promo video to Scoby: Living Packages, from En to Adsorb’s unusual ingredient here’s some things that made us say “That’s interesting” in the studio this week.



History Will Be Made

BBC Sport have just released their World Cup 2018 promotional video. The animated film reminisces about historical and memorable moments of the cup, with an unexpected artisanal look: 600 embroidery stitches and  227,000 metres of thread create a tapestry that comes to life in the impressive video.

Watch the obsessively crafted video here

And the behind-the-scenes here


Scoby: Living Packages

Polish designer Roza Janusz has proposed a fermented option for the future of packaging. Designed to contain dry and semi-dry foods, her alternative packaging is made from organic materials that protect the food by blocking oxygen. The futuristic pack is entirely sustainable, as it can even be eaten or composted after use.

Take a look at the future here


Alternative Puff

The rise of electric devices is gradually eroding the charm and popularity of traditional cigarettes. Aiming to offer a third option to consumers, Japanese design studio Nendo has just created En, the first “third cigarette”. The innovative product combines the best of both worlds by allowing consumers to have the ease and safety of capsules, with the pleasure of traditional igniting.

Read more about En here


Ostrich-enhanced Beauty

Japanese skincare brand Adsorb brings a revolutionary ingredient to its anti-aging range: ostrich egg yolk, now extremely sought-after by the Japanese market, is leveraged by the brand to brings natural antibodies, anti-aging and pollution-fighting benefits to its consumers.

For an unconventional skincare routine click here


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