That’s Interesting 25/07/19

From AI-powered Fashion to ethical beauty bars, here are some things that made us say “That’s Interesting’ in the studio this week.


There’s no denying that influencer culture has completely reshaped the way we buy, shop and advertise. Now, we’re reaching a whole new level with Next Atlas’s first AI-powered fashion boutique opening in Westfield London. Using AI-technology they will track over 400,000 fashion influencers to determine what items of clothing are popular that day. The staff will then scout for these (or similar) items around Westfields and bring them into the store to sell. All proceeds go to Save the Children, and there’s even an option to donate through a vending machine to win a randomly selected top worth up to £100.

Wear the future here

A clean break

For those who love pub culture but are looking for a clean (drinking) slate, look no further than the Clean Vic. This 2 day pop-up, created by Sainsbury’s, offers over 20 different types of no or low alcohol beverages, along with workshops and drink tasting. As London becomes more keen to sober up, venues like these my become a more permanent option.

Drink up here

Back to the root

Bars, not Bottles isn’t just a phrase, it’s a new way of life. A more sustainable kind, where plastic beauty bottles are replaced with recyclable light card boxes, and degradable ‘bars’ applied straight to the body. Holland and Barrett’s new Ethique (French for ‘ethical’) range is not only extremely sustainable, it’s also Vegan and Cruelty-Free. With colourful, simplistic packaging and an array of luscious scents, they’re almost tempting enough to eat. (But don’t, seriously!)

Get ethical here

Hydration station

In the bid to cut down single use plastic, Sadiq Khan has teamed up with the #OneLess Campaign to have 100 new water fountains installed around central London. While some people are critiquing them to be ‘naff’ and ‘ugly’, they’re designed to be super hygienic, easy to spot and weather resistant without taking up any more of London’s tight budget than necessary.

Refill here


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