That’s Interesting 26.10.18

From the Yuming Hu’s playful chairs to Dunkin’s eco cabin, here are some things that made us say “That’s interesting” in the studio this week.

Sensorial Rest

This year’s Beijing Design Week hosted a new range of six chairs by Chinese designer Yuming Hu. Each chair is designed to engage and support body and mind through stimulating sensations. Structural hoops, barbs, and balls help to provide a playful and relaxing experience for the user.

 Take a look at the design week here


Let it Glow

US skincare brand Patchology has launched ‘Moodmask’, a new range of sheet masks targeted at Gen Z. Aiming to tackle the various skin problems teenagers face, the brand developed witty solutions such as ‘Get Dewy With It’, ‘Just Let It Glow’, ‘The Good Fight’.

Choose your mask according to your mood here

Scarce Scents

Inspired by the growing hype culture within the fashion and sneaker industry, Fragrance brand Joya will release a new range every week, collaborating with individuals from the world of art, design and entertainment. Leveraging exclusivity and scarcity, the brand is aiming to be the fragrance leader for product drops.

Burn it all here


The Home That Runs on Dunkin’

American food chain Dunkin’ Donuts has collaborated with Blue Marble, a US energy company and actress Olivia Wilde to create a small cabin for airbnb, currently located in Nahant, Massachusetts. Building on the brand’s claim “America Runs on Dunkin’”, this cabin is run on biofuel, powered by a blend of 80 per cent coffee ground oil. For as little as 13 dollars you can rent out the cabin.

Go ahead and rent here


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