That’s Interesting 27.02.2020

From mouldy burgers to inclusive plasters, here are some things that made us say “That’s interesting!” in the studio this week.

Robots to the rescue

What has been spreading panic across people, borders and newsfeeds in the last months? That’s easy: Coronavirus. In an effort to protect the public and to attempt to contain the outbreak, China is deploying robots and drones to clean hospitals and deliver medicines to those in quarantine. Meet UVD Robot, an app-controlled device that cleans infected rooms and kills airborne viruses and bacteria in just 10 minutes. Could the Coronavirus quasi-pandemic mark the start of us using more robots in our day-to-day life?

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The Butterfly effect

If you have been struggling to tell “good” luxury brands from “bad” ones (from a sustainability point of view), look no further! Recognising them just got a lot easier thanks to the Butterfly, a new certification that celebrates luxury brands’ sustainable and ethical features, and lives both online and offline. Luxury brands looking to get certified go through a rigorous examination on animal testing, charitable causes, material use, work ethics and more. Good luck to all potential butterflies!

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Are you hungry? Are you craving a delicious, juicy burger? Well, Burger King may have just killed your appetite… But it’s for a good cause. Their new campaign promotes their move towards natural, preservative-free products in a very unconventional way: a time-lapse video which shows how their iconic Whopper Burger decomposes over 30 days. It’s quite disruptive, honestly!

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Every little helps… Diversity

Something so simple, and yet it has taken forever to happen. This week, Tesco launched a new plaster range that finally goes beyond the standard peachy hue to fit different skin tones, from light to medium to dark. The idea was prompted by a now-viral Tweet, where a dark-skinned man describes his emotional response to finally finding a plaster that matched his skin. One small step for Tesco, one giant leap for diversity!

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