That’s Interesting 29.08.2019

From political chocolate to social media spending here are some things that made us say “That’s Interesting” in the studio this week.

Diverse taste

India is one of the world’s most diverse countries. To celebrate their Independence Day, Cadbury have released their ‘Unity Bar’. Mixing dark, blended, milk and white chocolate together, the bar is designed to represent “people of different castes, creed, languages, regions and religions”. Made to celebrate a country the stands united in diversity, we have one thought for Cadbury: Lets get this message (and this tasty looking treat) going global please.

Blend it here

Back in (the beauty) business 

With everybody talking about millennials, we seem to be forgetting that Gen X raised them, made them, and frankly inspired them. Iris and Romeo are here to change the conversation. Creating exceptional products aimed at the forgotten ‘older’ consumer, they’re proving that as we grow, our choices should too. Say goodbye to anti-aging and hello to celebrating change and evolution.

Evolve here

Social spending

Money has always been a private matter for most. However, as most of our lives gradually becomes public online, we’re not overly surprised this now has too. If PayPal and Twitter had a lovechild, it would be Venmo. A quick, easy way to transfer money to friends – the app allowed you to share a ‘spending status’ letting everyone know you’ve transferred. Because we all want that. It doesn’t tell them how much, just where and when. You can even put a fun ironic caption such a ‘Oops’ or ‘just cause’. We’re not sold on it, but the App is becoming exceptionally popular.

Transfer funds here.

Responsible wrapping

We’ve all felt the frustration of receiving a small item in an un-required over-sized package. In a bid to reduce waste, Scotch have created their ‘Flex & Seal Shipping Roll”. Simply cut the sheet to size and seal around the item. It sticks to itself, meaning there’s no need for tape, scissors or time wasted. Best of all, the product itself is made from recyclable plastic.

Wrap it up here


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