That’s Interesting 29.11.19

From ergonomic coffee cups to political art, here are some things that made us say ‘That’s Interesting’ in the studio this week.

Made for Healthcare

Medical care is hard work, and it’s the little things that make life easier. Clove is a new start-up company that makes shoes specifically designed to aid medical professionals. Not only are they easy to slip on, simple to clean, with high-grip outsoles and multi-layer support, but they are also liquid repellent and stain-resistant. The brand name ‘Clove’ comes from a nursing shorthand meaning ‘with love’, showing their understanding of their audience, and the brilliant work that they do.

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Turkey trails and tribulations

In a series of 5 animated 10-second-long clips, KFC have cheekily taken a stab at the ritual of cooking and eating turkey at dinner. Showing relatable moments, including the trouble of small ovens vs giant turkeys, they poke light-hearted fun at the challenges of Christmas cooking. With the tag line ‘Good luck on the 25th. Until then, we’ve got you’, the adverts are cheeky and relatable, making us all wish for a simpler Christmas dinner this year. Bargain bucket anyone?

Tuck in here

Coffee cup conundrum

Has someone solved it? Coffee cups are a heavy polluter, but Unocups, the brainchild of a product designer and an architect, may be the solution. This ergonomic cup design has a folding lid, eliminating the need for plastic. Moreover, this sustainable alternative is more user friendly than traditional cups, with an easier holding shape and the perfect shape for a comfortable sipping experience and less chance of spillage. Sounds like a win win.

Sip it here

Running for President

Appealing to young people is a challenge that most politicians face. Political candidates however are coming up with creative ideas to run throughout their campaigns, including the use of graphic designs that appeal to younger audiences. Democrat Elizabeth Warren has teamed up with visual artist Tenbeete Solomon to create content that is sharable online, reflecting the candidate’s message of supporting equality for minorities. The 3 GIF images capture a unique political energy and show the candidate’s modernity and ability to understand youth culture.

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