That’s Interesting 30.01.2020

From self-healing bricks to Disney’s newest remake, here are some things that made us say “That’s interesting” in the studio this week.

Living life in the brick lane

Concrete is an incredible material, but also one of our worst. Its production causes more damage to our planet that any other material, due to the high water usage and carbon footprint. Researchers at the University of Colorado are creating an alternative – mixing sand, hydrogel and a bacterium called ‘Synechococcus sp PCC 7—2’. These ‘living brick materials’ don’t yet have the strength to replace concrete, but what is amazing about them is that the bacteria are fast-growing, meaning the brick can heal itself after damage.

Build it up here

Ground control to Major Trump

Once again, Donald trump is causing controversy on Twitter. This time, he shared an image of the newly released logo design created for the United States Space Force. The logo is causing reaction for many reasons; some because he didn’t capitalize the ‘Designers’ in the caption and some simply don’t like the design, but mostly because of how much it closely resembles the Starfleet command logo from Star Trek. Former Star Trek cast member George Takei even tweeted in response “We are expecting some royalties from this …”

Tweet it for yourself here

Rice rice baby

Packaging doesn’t just protect a product; it tells a story. In this particular case, Backbone Brandings new sustainable rice packaging tells the story of the human labour behind the grains production. Designed for a small distributor who wanted to pay tribute to their rice producers, the agency worked close with farmers to create the design, and worked with local calligraphers to achieve the finish.

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Oops, Disney did it again

In case you haven’t seen enough Disney remakes, there’s another coming your way. Disney have announced that this time they’re going to be remaking (drum roll please) … Bambi! Although many people are crying out for originals, the remakes continue to make big bucks, so they’re likely to continue being made. So get the tissues ready, because that hunting scene is going to be twice as devastating in ‘live action’.


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