That’s Interesting 30.11.18

From Haberdashery’s Helio Ray to Airbnb’s Backyard, here are some things that made us say “That’s interesting” in the studio this week.

Let there be sculpture

As city skylines are evolving by the day, city dwellers are having to live with limited access to the natural light. By redirecting the sun rays from the sky to the streets, design studio Haberdashery has conceptualised Helio Ray. The aim is to elevate the emotional wellbeing of the people that live in cities.

Follow the rays here


Viva la Vulva

Following last year’s #bloodnormal campaign, Libresse has followed up with a new campaign dedicated to breaking taboos. According to recent research by the brand, almost 50% per cent of women were unsure if their vulvas looked ‘correct’. The playful and lighthearted film features various objects that resemble a vulva, whilst celebrating difference.

Have a look here


A different backyard

For almost 10 years, Airbnb has been gathering information on people’s travelling habits. Now, the company is designing humanistic, future-oriented, and waste-conscious homes from scratch. Backyard, the name of the initiative, this social responsibility project is aiming to meet the housing demands of the future.

Take a look here


Melt in your hands

In a bid to replace plastic permanently, Nohbo is to launch its environmentally-friendly Drops. Single-use, water-soluble shampoo ‘drops’ are packaged in an innovative way. The natural based formulation is specially crafted to be cruelty, paragon, sulphate, fragrance-free.

Pre-order it here





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