That’s Interesting and Uplifting 09.07.2020

As we all try to adapt, cope, be safe and do our part to control and overcome the Covid-19 pandemic, it is important to find ways to stay motivated and positive. That is why, over the last few weeks, That’s Interesting has been focusing on initiatives and ideas that are uplifting and inspiring in these challenging times.

So, from a fragrance that smells like Outer Space to sustainable sunglasses made from acetate offcuts, here are some things that made us say “That’s interesting, and uplifting!” in the studio this week.

Bushfire spirit.

The bushfires that ravaged Australia in 2019-2020 have destroyed lives, natural habitats and more than 11 million hectares of bush, forest and parks. Farmland and vineyards also suffered, and smoke damage to grapes have rendered harvests unsuitable for wine production. To rescue the fruit and support the businesses affected, Sydney distillery Archie Rose worked with wineries Tulloch Wines and First Creek Wines to create the Hunter Valley Shiraz Spirit, a smoky eau de vie made from the tainted grapes. By innovating and creating a new category of small-batch spirits, the limited edition shines hope on an otherwise tragic (and recurring) event. For more eco-inspired innovations from the world of drinks, don’t miss our latest issue of Map, Drink Up.

Rise from the ashes here

Eau de Space. 

Decades ago, NASA sought a fragrance to train astronauts on how Outer Space actually smells. Eau de Space – which launched as a Kickstarter campaign – has worked with expert perfumers to bottle this intergalactic scent and make it available to the general public. The pack is minimal, modern and space suit-inspired, and the fragrance within is based on first-hand accounts by astronauts, a mix of gunpowder, seared steak, raspberries, and rum.

Send your senses into orbit here

Womb stories.

Although the conversation around the female body has made a lot of progress over the last few years, many still feel uncomfortable with and ashamed about the topic. Bodyform already smashed the period taboo back in 2017, by being the first in the UK to depict blood in their female hygiene adverts, and by releasing the Viva la Vulva campaign in 2018. They have now taken this one step further with Womb Stories, a beautiful animated film that weaves together the complex, profound, unseen, unspoken, unknown stories of periods, vulvas and wombs.

Emotion, impact and empowerment here 

Green vision.

Highlighting its commitment to sustainability, Dutch eyewear brand Ace & Tate has just launched its first recycled sunglasses collection. It features three popular silhouettes in new colours— Lava, Carbon and Beetle — and the limited editions are made using off-cuts from production that are melted down and formed into new sheets that hold the same quality and characteristics as the original acetate. The launch is part of the brand’s plan to create 100% of the acetate collection from bio and pre-production recycled acetate by 2020.

See a better world here


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